Gamified Tools That Enhance Communication

Games ideal for everything from 15 minute meetings to full-day events.
  • Go from idea to action in a fraction of the time.
  • Low Cost - Including No-Risk Options
  • Essential Tools Perfect for HR and DEIA Initiatives


Interactive Tools

Address Any Need With A Gamified Activity


Engage an in-person, remote, or hybrid workforce to enhance productivity.

Works On Any Platform

Our game experiences are web-based so they work with any video or chat platform.


Anonymous gameplay that leads to a more honest exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Companies/Organizations That Use Games To Identify And Solve Issues

We help everyone from Fortune 100 to small businesses.





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What Can A Game Do?

  • Engage Your Team and Increase Productivity
    • Identify and Solve Issues
    • Take the Pulse of Your Staff

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Why Gamification Works

  • Creates Consistent Structured Feedback Opportunities
    • Candidly Share Thoughts, Feelings, and Ideas
    • Engaging and Fun Leads to a Robust Experience

Game Uses


  • Check employee wellbeing
  • Deeper dive on survey data
  • Identify and speak to difficult issues


  • Make presentations and meetings interactive
  • Create and implement training materials
  • Improve course comprehension


  • Focus broad concepts or ideas
  • Unearth fresh ideas
  • Normalize creative sessions

Team Building

  • Collaboration generated solutions
  • Compare solo and team decision-making
    • Icebreaker activities

We Are the warm blanket of communication

With no-risk options available, you can start having a meaningful impact on communication, productivity, and wellbeing today.

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"Easily adapted to our audience"

The activities provided by GoodGames were easily adapted to our audience and the user interface was easy to use. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and executed the activities seamlessly.

--Laura Twidle, Director of Catastrophic Loss Analysis, CatIQ

"I felt more engaged "

Creative. Anonymity allowed for a more honest conversation. I felt more engaged. Allowed for the exploration of more difficult concepts. Interactive.

--NASA, actual comments from participants

"Enabled collaboration"

GoodGames perfectly understood our needs to create meaningful encounters in the virtual space and a deep personal and collective reflection on Responsible Leadership. Their infinite creativity, reactiveness and values, enabled a fantastic collaboration and delivery of new tools and services. We were able to create completely new experiential spaces and, in a short time, explore very complex topics with a diverse group of leaders from civil society, the private and public sector.

--Jessica Von Farkas, BMW Foundation

"Injected energy and focus "

In the planning process of the Australia Awards Skilling for Your Future 2021 virtual conference, we were looking at ways to combat screen fatigue and keep the audience engaged. We asked GoodGames to come up with a solution. They more than delivered. GoodGames injected the energy and interactive focus that we were hoping for. The activities appealed to our international audience and the feedback was extremely positive. They took time to understand who our audience was and produced a suite of games that triggered great audience participation.

--Maree Philip, Earlybird Events

'really brought interactivity "

We are committed to anti-racism in life and in the workplace; therefore we wanted to organize a unique workshop on this sensitive topic. GoodGames changed the flow of the workshop for the better. During this pandemic, when virtual platforms are often the only communication tools, creativity has been very limited. But GoodGames really brought interactivity to the workshop and created a virtual platform for everyone to enjoy, learn and share. Overall, interaction was flawless.

--Yaprak Servi, World Bank Group